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Headlines of Mongolian press

I know that newspaper tends to give information to its readers, not to ask questions. But you can see tons of newspaper headlines in Mongolian press today that ask question from the readers. Here, I'm talking about daily "broadsheet" newspapers, that tend to look as classic broadsheet. Obviously, an article under such headline will be full of author's opinion.
"Who owns the license of Asgat silver deposit?" (Ardiin Erkh. Apr 30, 2007)
"Will Canadians win?" (Onoodor. Apr 28, 2007)
"Why grave is digged?" (Onoodriin Mongol. Apr 27, 2007)
"Is it correct to compensate victims from state budget or ...?" (Mongoliin Medee. Apr 25, 2007)
Also, it is common to give headline by interviewee's statement.
"B.Jargalsaikhan: Mr. D. Sugar should stop lying" (Niigmiin Toli. Apr 30, 2007)
"S.Jargalsaikhan: We do not work together with any union" (Same newspaper, same front page)
"U.Tserenchunt: I like pretty girls" (Odriin Sonin. Apr 28, 2007)
"Ts.Tumengerel: I fed up living as a stray dog" (Zuunii Medee. Apr 30, 2007)
"O.M.Derkovsky: Private relationship with Boris Yeltsin was related to Mongolia" (Ardiin Erkh. Apr 30, 2007)
Sometimes, I ask from myself "What's wrong with this newspaper?". Front page headlines are full of negative messages: three children were killed, unknown body was found, drunken man frozen to death. As an editor of a weekly newspaper, I have to "scan" all daily newspapers every morning, which might not be a good start of the day.

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