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Heritage of the Mongols at the AMNH

At the American Museum of Natural History, where I made a flash visit in New York City (2007), there was a small section "Heritage of the Mongols" which surprised me. Actually, I found this too small compared to other nations in the same hall, Hall of Asian Peoples. It was kind of family tree: from Borte Chono and Goo Maral down to Khaans of the empire. An introductory text, a map of the empire, Gutal (traditional boots), and a picture of Morin Khuur player. Are these all to say about Mongols? Maybe there was more we missed.

You may have seen this tyrannosaur skeleton on Ben Stiller's "Night At the Museum". Actually the Museum of Natural History is bigger than you saw on movie.
I felt proud that most of these skeletons were found in Mongolia's Gobi Desert. On the other hand, it is pity that they all gone abroad.

Photos by Ch.Sumiyabazar

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