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KBS Journalists in Mongolia

Korean KBS TV journalists are on assignment here in Ulaanbaatar to do a story on Mongolian firefighters. Four Mongolian workers, who were working in South Korea illegally, saved a dozen of lives from a fire.
When the fire broke, one the men, who was a fighter, told the others to take fire victims to the roof of the 30-storey building. 11 people were saved from the fire, and themselves went up to the roof in last moment.
When Mongolians were in hospital, they run away in fear of they might get caught by the Korean immigration officers and see forced departure from the country. The news splashed headlines of Korean media outlets. Streets were full of "wanted" posters by the victims who were looking for their saviors. Later the Government of Korea granted them resident work-permit visas and Letter of Credentials in appreciation of their braverous act.
In South Korea, there are over 30,000 Mongolians working.

Photo by B.Byamba-Ochir

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