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Mobicom makes press conference tomorrow

Today, Niigmiin Toli continued publishing the list with additional Mobicom's telephone numbers of around 210 names of individuals and organizations whose telephone conversation is heard by state law enforcement agencies. The Mobicom corporation demanded the newspaper to apologize from its over 650,000 users, according to the newspaper. But the newspaper said that the demand was addressed to wrong destination, which should be state law enforcement agencies instead.
Mobicom commented that any information related to its users belongs to Mobicom company's secret information, which are protected by code of corporate secret, and code of individual privacy.
The newspaper said it has over 500,000 users' information of "high-level secret". If these information were such secret, then state law enforcement agencies would have entered system of Mobicom illegally to steal the information, the newspaper reported. The Niigmiin Toli also said Mobicom should search for "informer" among their staff.

I called Mobicom corporation's marketing department today if they are going to make some official notice publicly. Tomorrow the corporation is making press conference at the MN Information Center. Time is not confirmed yet.

Some of the organizations (99110125-99110302, 99250005-99250419) that are heard by state law enforcement agencies:
GTZ project, Embassy of Russia, Asiatel, TACIC project, Noble Properties, Wagner Asia Equipment, Embassy of USA, Anglo Gold Mongolia, Ministry of Environment, Orient Green, Church of Jesus Christ of Later-day Saints, Embassy of India, GEM International, Summit Computers, former Minister of Education A. Tsanjid.

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