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Mongolia's 4th cell phone service provider starts operation

Mongolia's fourth mobile telecommunication service provider company G-Mobile announced Wednesday that the operations will start officially on April 21 in Dundgobi aimag. 44 rural populated settlements of 10 eastern and central aimags would have G-Mobile's coverage at the first stage.

The company, which won the government's tender bid that was announced last year to connect rural settlements and remote parts of the country to telecommunication system, is based on 450 MHz band of third-generation of CDMA wireless technology.
The company plans its network coverage to reach over 180 populated settlements within this year. "A rural herder in up to 80 kilometers from a center of the nearest soum will have our network coverage," said L.Bayaraa, CEO of G-Mobile. By 2009, every soum centers, and settlements in Mongolia would be connected.
"G-Mobile's telephones, which were manufactured in South Korea at the order of our company, will start with number 98… And, all the mobile telephones have Mongolian language set, which we hope rural herders may find friendly," said Bayaraa.
"G-Mobile's shareholders and investors are national investors, unlike the other telecommunication operators have major non-Mongolian shareholders," he said.
G-Mobile's opponent CDMA operator is Korean-invested Skytel company, which has over 135,000 subscribers countrywide. The others, MobiCom and Unitel, are GSM technology providers.

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  1. I think it would be a great new provider although, i dont know why they have to use cdma technology. GSM is way more convinient and it is better. Soon cdma technology wont be used around the world, doesnt it just take us back? we have to kepp up with the world moving on. We wont if we keep using old technolody.