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Welcome back Mukherjee

Haven't written since last Monday, an usual busy week of the UB Post newsroom. Our young photographer B.Byamba-Ochir took Grand Prix prize from the annual National Photo Contest 2007 on Monday.

Wednesday was super busy day as usual to print our newspaper. After we sent our papers to the printing shop, we went out to farewell our English Editor Alex Plumb. He worked well during his work at the newspaper. Today we welcomed back our former English Editor Tirthankar Mukherjee from India.

On Thursday, we met a representative from the British Council here to talk about possibility of getting content for the NIE monthly newspaper. The outcome seems to be really good and we might sign in a license agreement soon.
On the same day, a representative from The UB Post was officially invited to cover the 8th ASEM Foreign Ministers' Meeting, which will be held in Hamburg, Germany on May 28.

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