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MobiCom apologizes from its users

Mobicom apologized formally from its over 600,000 subscribers. The apoligize letter published on major daily newspapers on May 17.
"However the information list of our subcribers' telephone numbers, surnames, first names, organization names published on some daily newspapers were different from what our current database is. But, during a detailed examination we took, it was found that MobiCom corporation's old information of user registration has been lost illegally."

The Mobicom reaffirmed in the apologize letter that it did not give officially to law enforcement agencies. Prior to this, Mongolian telecommunication service provider organizations and operators; MongoliaTelecom Joint Stock Company, MobiCom, Skytel, Unitel and Communication and Information Authority of Ulaanbaatar Railway, released a joint statement that the operator companies do not have legal grounds to wiretapp their users' communication together with law enforcement agencies. "This is technically impossible to wiretapp ongoing conversation of the users."

Another GSM cell phone service provider, Unitel, a competitor of Mobicom, is taking advantage of this situation. Unitel decreased down its SIM Card price down to MNT5,000 which was more than 10,000. Posters and billboards saying Unitel is the most reliable network are everywhere on the streets. And television commercials of the Unitel show the users throwing away old SIM card and putting a new green (branding of Unitel) SIM Card into a phone.
On Wednesday, when I was passing through a Unitel branch office next to State Department Store, I saw a long queue outside it. Unitel said it had run out of its SIM card reserve last week. More than 25,000 new users have been registered in the last days since it reduced down the SIM Card price.
I'm thinking to switch to Unitel in the near future because there is almost-zero coverage of Mobicom in my apartment. I have to talk on the window of my kitchen in order to catch network.

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