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Mobicom: No possibility to tape conversation

At a press conference on Wednesday held at the MN Information center, Mobicom company stated that some media outlets attacked the company's reputation, especially Niigmiin Toli newspaper by publication of its users' telephone numbers.

“The company sent a petition to the Criminal Police Department to stop illegal actions of the newspaper, and bring guilty person under justice,” said D. Bolor, Director of Public Relation Department of Mobicom.
However, Bolor stated that it did not and will not give such list of users’ information to state law enforcement agencies, but he admitted that phone bills of a few number of serious recidivist criminals were given in accordance with related legal acts.
“Mobicom uses the latest digital telecommunication technology, GSM, which has no technical possibility to tape ongoing conversation for outsiders. Mobicom will never ever create technical condition that someone can tape conversation,” he said.

Bolor said editor in chief of Niigmiin Toli newspaper, S. Enkhtuul, met him in person several months ago.
“She pressed me to place Tg500,000 worth advertisement on her newspaper. She said, if not, the list would be published. Every one understands that any media, including newspaper survives on incomes generated by advertisements and commercials. We try to give our ads as many publications as possible. I told her that list of users with numbers was not ours and its format was not ours too,” said Bolor.
The Mobicom company admitted that a new pre-paid card user is registered based on his/her identification documents such as civil ID Card, or driver’s license, which tell holder’ name, social security number, date of birth, place of birth, and home address. And such information is used for marketing purpose.
“We are working to introduce a new service that a user can make outgoing calls and send SMS at the lowest rate on his/ her date of birth,” said Bolor.

This is whole system generated, not viewable for any person as the list newspaper published.

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