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Letter of 1000 Mongolian mothers to the people of Malaysia

The letter originally published on Susan Loone's blog.

It has been half of a year since the life and happiness of an ordinary Mongolian girl who was only in her mid twenties and who was pursuing her life just like any other human beings, deliberately taken away by professional murderers of Malaysia.

From the history of humanity we were hearing about deeds of heroism for their motherland and the people, however,w e have never heard such an action where a mother is murdered. It has been some time since we get a fear when we hear the name of your country mentioned in the media. How shameful to the reputation of evergreen malaysia created by patronage of God. This bad reputation may be immortalized by this outrageous action!

It is unimaginable that this murder includes all possible criminal actions such as illegal arrest, violence, robbery, killing, conspiracy and corruption.

While two little boys who were orphaned and separated from their mother forever, "thanks" to the murderers, are looking for mercy and expecting and waiting their mother to come home, Malaysia did not send "a ringgit". These children perhaps will have to have a meal of suffering and anguish for the duration of their life.

It is time for malaysian people to know that it is prohibited in your country to mention this case in public and anyone who even whispered about it receives firm warnings.

It is time for you to realize what kind of people are working in your Government and your safety may be in the hands of criminals and murderers.

Please understand, we need voices of Malaysians who have common sense and who think. It will be very valuable to the trial to be fair and true, to prove the murderers' guilt.

People are powerful when they are united!

If these proceedings are conducted to serve interests of anyone individual or a group, the reputation of Malaysia will scandalously collapse in front of humanity again.

Everybody should consider that it will serve better if everything is exposed fairly and truly than shielding the truth for sake of the government.

No matter how developed a technology would be, however, it is not possible to revive a deceased. We, Mongolians, believe that the fair court of Malaysia and its leaders know without anyone's assistance what remedy must be provided to the surviving two boys who will have to live following their fate.

We wish there shall be no more shooting and explosion in the green forest of Malaysia. We wish there shall be no assault on mothers ever again.
On Monday, Malaysia's attorney general replaced suddenly the prosecutors of the case ahead of the murder trial of political analyst Abdul Razak Baginda, a close associate of Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia, Najib Razak.

But when court opened, the prosecution immediately asked for a delay, saying they had only been handed the case the day before.

The Attorney General said he installed the new team to ensure a “fair trial” for all parties. The newly-assigned lead prosecutor, Tun Majid Tun Hamzah, told the High Court he did not know why he had suddenly been handed the file of more than 100 investigation reports.

“I was only informed of this yesterday in the evening when I was on my way home,” he said, asking for one month to prepare. “It’s beyond me. I simply cannot prosecute this case at such short notice,” he told. But the court judge agreed to a two-week postponement only.

This is embarassing on the part of the persecution. It's frustration on the part of defense. What a shame to our country!

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  1. I just finish seeing the video about Altantuya, I can not stop crying !!!
    I have no children and yet hearing her father sadness and
    seeing Altantuya's son in great need of his beloved mother have left
    my heart aching with no end. Now I have found that I my self can not
    sleep I can not stop thinking about Altantuya and here family. I do
    believe now that all that she did was for a reason including the
    empty threats she made was made in order to have Raza speak to her. All of this has nothing to do about greed but just to make him true to the promises he so willingly made to her.In also that there was no way that she could have been of any conceivable threat what so ever,what can she do to him but nothing.
    Her actions was that of a disparate mother with a heavy and broken heart.
    Trying to collect what ever way she know how a commission promised to her and yet was denied and cheated from her. She gave her life trying
    to help her family that was in disparate need.She ALSO was more then just
    a jilted women but also a women being cheated from a business that she helped Raza make millions in his illegal arms trade.If I was her(and if I could be so brave) I would have done exactly what she did for the love of a mother is greater then life it self,this is the love that would make a mother loose her life in trying to save her child’s life,this is the kind of love that is both beautiful and tragic. When I was a child I was very
    sick for years and my father left my mother and I almost died.I
    remember how my mother would sacrifice all for me even if it meant
    loosing her life she would have done it.
    I am dyslexic and with other problems but my mother never gave up
    on me . I am educated because of her,this just to show the power of a
    mothers’ love. So every time I think of Altantuya it just make me feel
    just so very sad . I feel that I must do some thing for her family and some how in
    some way fight for justice for Altantuya! I do not think the
    government of Malaysia with the cover up of the Malaysian illegal
    arms trade are truly willing to give her justice. The only thing I
    can think of if we can have the American people have the united states government but pressure on to the government of Malaysia for this is a human right’s issue that not only affects Malaysians and Mongolians but affects all citizens of the world. We the people in the international community will be endangered no matter were we will go even worst then it is at the present time.

    What I can I do to fight for justice for Altantuya? How I can help her family? I thank you if you can help in this important request.