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Malaysian murder trial on the killing of Mongolian woman postponed until June 18

We are planning to write a story on the Malaysian trial postponement for the upcoming edition, June 7. The Malaysian High Court postponed on Monday the trial of a prominent political analyst accused of involvement in the murder of a Mongolian woman, Sh.Altantuya, after prosecutors said they had only been assigned to the case the day before.

"Too much politics involved. I think this is a political case. I hope your Government will do something... Our thoughts and hearts are with the Altantuya family now in Malaysia," said a retired lawyer from Singapore in his email to me today.

It got wide coverage on major Mongolian language daily newspaper on Tuesday. In Mongolia, so much angry reactions among public to the trial postponement. People of Mongolia demanding justive over the trial and hoping it would be free from any political influence.

Web site traffic of the UB Post has been rocketed, especially from Malaysia and Singapore after the murder trial in the last two days.

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  1. Another Foreigner to get himself in trouble in Mongolia was Abdul Razak Baginda, arms dealer, political analyst and close associate of the Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister.ln the now famous “Altantuya” case he allegedly fathered her second child and she went to Malaysia to demand a large amount of money from him. Baginda had her murdered by 2 special services police who then blew her body to pieces. Her arrival records and hotel records were destroyed by Police. The 3 men are now before the court in Malaysia and Baginda has been linked to the plot since the discovery of hand written notes.
    Altantuya and her friend Marla a green eyed half Russian, half Mongolian girl were both well known prostitutes. Marla’s father is an artist and Altantuya married Madai the ego maniac singer from “Black Rose”, a narcissistic Hip Hop Band. Eddie Chua a Malaysian Journalist came to Mongolia last winter to stir up this case, he wrote letters to the editor in English language papers claiming to be an ordinary Malaysian citizen, and then proceeded to find out as much dirt as he could