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Me on Bild zeitung

I was amazed to see my own picture on the second page of Bild newspaper [Mittwoch. 30, Mai 2007], a German best-selling daily newspaper, when I was waiting to board the plane to Frankfurt at the Hamburg Airport. Someone left the newspaper on the chair after reading. I picked up the newspaper and turned the page, surprisingly my pictures are on it. The pictures are bigger than a head picture of Mongolian Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Does anybody know what this mean:
Seine erste Schifffahrt: Choimboroljav Sumiyabazar aus der Mongolei knipst die Elbe.
Choimboroljav Sumiyabazar (27) aus der Mongolei: "Das ist die erste Schiffsfahrt meines Lebens. Ich bin total begeistert.
I did not expect I would be published on the newspaper when German reporters and photographers were asking me questions while ASEF journalists took boat tour on the Elbe River on May 29.

Photographers of Bild newspaper.


  1. It means (according to Google:
    "Its first navigation: Choimboroljav Sumiyabazar from that Mongolia knipst the Elbe. Choimboroljav Sumiyabazar (27) from that Mongolia: "that is the first ship travel of my life. I am totally inspired."

    My best clarification of this would be:

    His first journey: Choimboroljav Sumiyabazar (27) from Mongolia, "this is the first journey by ship in my life; I am totally inspired."

    I hope that helps!


  2. "knipst die Elbe" means: takes a picture of the Elbe river the rest of your translation is absolutely correct