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Mongolian Parliamentarians Earn Less than Spouses

No public figure in Mongolia holds a mineral license, except one deputy minister, and seven members of Parliament own no car. These are among the facts revealed to the public as the Anticorruption Agency of Mongolia last Monday released to the media the personal income statements of 110 high-ranking public figures for 2006.

According to the information made public by the agency, most members of Parliament earned less than their spouse. The law does not allow MPs to have a private business entity. These are thus registered in the name of some other member of the family. Some deputy ministers of the cabinet earn more than the minister.

President N.Enkhbayar earned Tg121.9 million last year while his family discloses zero income. He owns an apartment valued around Tg35 million and 28 horses worth Tg10 million. He does not own any mining license, savings, land, credit, debt, shares, automobile, or commercial property.

Prime Minister M.Enkhbold stated he earned Tg3.2 million last year while his wife earned Tg24.2 million. He has 65 horses valued at Tg65 million and owns a small number of shares in Gobi Cashmere, Ulaanbaatar Hotel, Zoos Bank, Genco Tour Bureau, Auto Impex and Zoos Goyol companies valued at a total Tg113.4 million.

Speaker of Parliament D.Lundeejantsan earned Tg11.7 million, has 18 horses and owns savings of Tg55 million and Tg442 million in real estate.
MP D.Bat-Erdene earned Tg157.2 million while his family members earned Tg569 million last year. He has a Range Rover worth Tg149 million, 155 horses, and Tg500 million in savings. He fully owns Ajnai Corporation, and is the majority shareholder in three other companies. He also owns 21,404 shares of Tavan Tolgoi coal mine.

MP B.Bat-Erdene, a national wrestling champion, earned Tg7.1 million while his family members earned Tg12.6 million last year. He has 1,770 livestock mostly sheep and goats, a Toyota Land Cruiser 100 and a Suzuki Grand Vitara. He owns 10 percent share of Aero Mongolia and 51 percent share of Vitafit beverage company.

MP Su.Batbold earned Tg3.5 million while his family members earned Tg47.6 million last year. He has one Toyota Lexus 470 and one Nissan Patrol jeep. He owns Tg7.6 billion worth share in Boroo Gold mine, Altai Trading, Skytel, and Altai Holding companies.

Kh.Battulga, Chairman of the Democratic Union, earned Tg18.7 million last year. He has 22 horses, one Cadillac, one Hummer jeep, one Nissan Infiniti, and one Toyota Runner. He owns shares worth Tg11.2 billion in Makh Impex, Genco Tour, Talkh Chikher, and Bayangol Hotel.

MP G.Batkhuu earned Tg161.1 million last year. He has around 500 head of cattle, one Mercedes Benz S350, and one Toyota Land Cruiser V8 jeep. He owns 50 percent of the Shunkhlai Group and seven patent rights.

MP S.Bayartsogt earned Tg191.4 million. He has one Toyota Lexus LX470, one Lexus GX470 and one Mercedes Benz 240 valued Tg200 million. He has Tg57.8 million worth savings, and owns 100 percent of the Nido company.

MP D.Gankhuyag has the most number of livestock, 3,981, mostly sheep and goats. He earned Tg80 million last year, and owns 24.4 percent share of the Bridge group.

MP L.Gundalai, Chairman of Popular Party, earned Tg3 million while his wife earned Tg74 million last year. He has one Toyota Land Cruiser jeep, one Mercedes Benz car, six motor boats, three horses. The former Minister of Health owns Tg500 million worth of shares of SOS Medica Hospital.

D.Tuya, Minister of Health, earned Tg159.2 million. She has 160 animals and owns 14,560 shares in Ulaanbaatar Hotel and 33 percent of Petrovis oil import company values totally at Tg402 million.

M.Sonompil, Minister of Defense, earned Tg2.5 million last year while his family members did Tg31.4 million. He has two cars and owns 50 percent of Zaluu Mongol company.

D.Terbishdagva, Minister of Food and Agriculture, earned Tg40.3 million. He has Tg10.4 billion worth real estates including two commercial properties, and four land. He owns three business companies including TBD Anduud.

MP Ch.Ulaan earned Tg2.6 million last year. He has Tg9.9 million savings and 20 horses values at Tg17.7 million.

MP A.Tsanjid, former minister of education, who owns 70 percent of Soyombo Institute, earned Tg8.7 million last year.

Ts.Tsengel, Minister of Road, Transport and Tourism, earned Tg3.8 million last year. He owns total of Tg5.1 billion worth shares including 4 percent share of Energy Resource coal mining consortium.

MP B.Jargalsaikhan, Chairman of Republican Party and former Minister of Industry and Trade, earned Tg33 million, has Tg21 billion worth real estates, three cars, and owns Buyan Cashmere company. Ts.Davaadorj, Minister of Industry and Trade, earned Tg4.8 million last year, has three jeeps.

MP M.Zorigt reported the highest income among all. He earned Tg211.2 million last year mostly from his 33.34 percent his share in Bodi International company.

MP S.Otgonbayar, Minister of Emergency, earned Tg20.9 million last year. He owns 51 percent share (Tg4.5 billion share) of Oyunii Undraa company.

MP L.Odonchimed, former Minister of Labor and Welfare, earned Tg4.3 million last year while his family members earned Tg5.2 million. He owns Tg78 million worth real estates. He has no savings, vehicle, license or land.

MP Ts.Sharavdorj earned Tg6.8 million. He has two cars and one truck, 260 livestock, 2.3 billion worth loan to Ulaanbaatar City Bank and a US Bank. He owns two lands valued at Tg550 million. He has also Tg2.1 billion worth real estates.

B.Erdenebat, Minister of Fuel and Energy, owns Tg17.2 billion worth share in Erel company, Erel Bank, Erel Daatgal insurance and Barilga Ord companies. He has the most number of vehicles. He has seven vehicles: two Mercedes Benz 500, one Lexus 470 jeep, two Land Cruiser 100L jeeps, and two Hummer jeeps; H1 and H2 valued at Tg325 million in total. He earned Tg3.2 million while his family members earned Tg66.3 million last year.

M.Enkhsaikhan, Deputy Premier of Mongolia, is the only person who did not state how much he earned last year. He stated his family members earned Tg1 million last year.

O.Enkhtuvshin, Minister of Education, Culture and Sciences, who earned Tg3.1 million, has Tg500 million loan from Golomt Bank. He has Tg885 million worth real estates including one commercial property.

N.Enkhbold, Minister of Foreign Affairs, earned Tg3.3 million last year while his family members earned Tg18.7 million. He has Tg139.8 million loan from Newcom company.

B.Enkhmandakh, Deputy Minister of Environment, earned Tg2.7 million while his family members earned Tg24.2 million last year. He is the only person who declared that he owns a mineral license. He has a copper exploration license.

G.Shiilegdamba, Deputy Minister of Road, Transport and Tourism, earned Tg33.9 last year. He owns 40 percent share of Bayangobi Juulchin tourist camp, and 20 percent share of Ar Mongol Travel company.

Deputy Minister of Finance Ch.Ganzorig has 15 race horses, a judge of the Supreme Court A.Batsaikhan has 20 pigs, and Deputy Minister of Health A.Otgonbold has 16 dogs. Ganzorig earned Tg2.6 million last year. He has Tg757.2 million loan from Golomt Bank and a Thai bank.

J.Byambadorj, Chair of the Constitutional Court, earned Tg3.4 million last year. He has seven race horses.

P.Ochirbat, Member of the Constitutional Court, the first President of Mongolia and honored President of the National Mining Association of Mongolia, earned Tg25 million last year. He stated he owns 4 percent share of Energy Resources coal mining consortium. He owns Tg90 million worth real estate, one book patent right, one land and has Tg116.5 million loan from a US citizen.

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