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Mongolian Red Tape Index 2006

Judiciary authorities topped Mongolian Red Tape Perception Index-2006, according to an annual survey by Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MNCCI) last week.

MNCCI named 16 public sectors and institutions by their obstacles faced by both local and foreign traders in Mongolia. These obstacles include corruption, bribery, regulation, paperworks, internal communication and organizational structure, misrule of law, pressure, blackmail, lack of quality service, and ethics and communication skills of staff.

1. Judiciary authorities 106.0
2. Immovable Property Registration Authority 104.9
3. Traffic Police Department 103.8
4. State Center of Citizen’s Registration and Information 102.6
5. City and district-level administration 100.9
6. Land authorities 100.1
7. Police 98.9
8. Prosecutors 98.7
9. State Professional Inspection Agency 97.9
10. Taxation authorities 97.7
11. Customs authorities 97.6
12. MIAT Mongolian airlines 96.2
13. National Center of Standartization and Measurement 94.0
14. Railway authority 90.0
15. Mineral Resources and Petroleum Authority 86.9
16. FIFTA (Foreign Investment and Foreign Trade Agency) 85.8

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  1. What do the numbers next to each sector represent? How come there's no comments here? We need to speak up! The whole country knows about this problem, but not much is done to stop it.