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Ivanhoe Taking Mongolian Journalists to America

A fellow press friend of mine (not UB Post's) today has got US visa stamped. A media delegation from Ulaanbaatar's four televisions and four Mongolian-language private daily newspapers is traveling to America in October at the cost of Ivanhoe Mines to visit mining fields in Utah. The people, who visited America at the cost of Ivanhoe Mines, would write or broadcast "favorable" stories for the Ivanhoe before its investment agreement on world-scale copper and gold project Oyu Tolgoi is being discussed at the parliament, obviously. The UB Post may not have accepted offers of free foreign trip or accommodation in order to write story. The UB Post has no record of accepting free foreign trip from special business interest groups.

The parliament will discuss the multi-billion dollar agreement with its autumn session which will be resumed on October 1. The different parliament working groups of law-makers are now on visit to six foreign countries including USA and Australia to research mining agreements.

In the other event, Asia Pacific Forum on Mining & Minerals, a high-level international forum on mining and minerals, is taking place on September 30 in Vancouver, Canada, in which Vancouver-based Ivanhoe Mines' Chair Robert Friedland will participate as a key speaker.
According to Mining Association of British Columbia, A.Enkbat, Director General of Sustainable Development and Strategic Planning of the Government of Mongolia was invited as a country representative to attend the event.

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