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Altantuya stories generate responses

I wrote a number of stories on Altantuya murder case for Onoodor, a Mongolian language daily newspaper, which you can find here, here, here, and here. Tomorrow another one will be published on the front page of Onoodor newspaper about phone calls the two accuseds made to each other before and after the deceased was murdered. Some of the stories generate very good responses from Mongolian readers, strongly demanding justice over the Altantuya case from the Malaysian court. And, the most read stories of the UB Post web site are also the ones about the murder too.

My previous post "Malaysia-Is it a good destination to learn English?" generated 47 responses on Susan Leone's blog here. Glad to know that Malaysians caring a Mongolian blogger's perspective point of view to the case. I don't think mine is the only voice, there are dozens of blogs by Mongolians. Unfortunately those are in Mongolian language. Maybe this is one example of why Mongolian youths want to go to foreign country to learn English, which is becoming widely popular since the early 1990s when Mongolia opened to the world. I wish my fellow Mongolians study global spoken languages and walk shoulder-to-shoulder with the development of the world. That's why here are so many businesses that bridge Mongolians with Malaysia, Australia, USA, and Singapore. Remember Altantuya's friend was saying at the court that she was coming to Malaysia with the help of Help Center here.
Malaysia is not a perfect place. Malaysians are not perfect people. We do drive our cars like a maniac, throw empty mineral water bottles to the side of the road when we could not find a river, forgot to flush the toilet every now and then and blamed the singaporean whenever we could. But we never made it a habbit of finding a foreign students, blow a hole on their head, stuff a c4 inside their bodies and all that fancy stuffs. Happens sometimes but the frequency may be as rare as another genghis khan being born in Mongolia.

So to tell everyone that malaysia is not safe anymore is like telling everyone not to go to mongolia coz genghis khan will wait for you at the airport with his sword and armours.

It is still safe here to study here. Of course I am assuming that study means you go to school and does not include selling a billion dollar hardware and dating a married man at the same time. Its a different game. Ordinary folks like us would not do that to any mongolians and we would love to hand over whoever killed any mongolians to mongolians. We are nice people. We love Genghis khan too.
In the other development, an editor from the contacted me to know whether Mongolian press outlets have published a photograph of Altantuya posed with the accused Abdul Razak Baginda and Malaysian Deputy Premier Najib Razak, who are still denying that he does not know her. Up till now, I did not see that photograph published on Mongolian press, but I think I have seen an image depicting Altantuya sat behind a table together with Razak Baginda and Najib Razak. But that was a computer generated one, obviously visible.


  1. "I appreciate your comment!
    Antares to me

    show details Nov 15 (11 days ago)


    My dear Avitov,

    I thank you for your strong comments which have the ring of truth and great depth of feeling - qualities I personally respect and value. Unfortunately the humans who wield political power in my country are morally very weak people and that's why they are such absolute hypocrites. Hypocrisy is a disease of people without the courage to preach what they practise.

    An honest pirate admits to being a pirate, and a decent murderer also confesses to his or her crime and gladly accepts the consequences. Not so the despicable specimens who have risen to power and fattened their Swiss bank accounts through the political patronage of feudal lords.

    Malaysians have been silently watching the fiasco that passes itself off as a murder trial. This is why we are determined to see the judiciary reformed - in fact, completely overhauled. In the 1980s Malaysians were making money and this money corrupted their values, which is why they kept quiet and allowed a would-be dictator to distort reality according to his own will. Now it is clear to everybody who has even half a brain cell that Justice is almost completely dead in this country. It was blown to smithereens along with Altantuya Shaariibuu, whom I regard as a beloved sister.

    I assure you that most Malaysian people, though weak because life is too comfortable here, are actually lovable human beings. It's only our so-called government that has gone beyond tolerable limits of criminal mismanagement. Last week 40-50 thousand of us defied the prime minister and the police by marching for clean elections. That was a sign that the dark days of demonic misrule are nearly at an end. And be it so."

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  2. Another Foreigner to get himself in trouble in Mongolia was Abdul Razak Baginda, arms dealer, political analyst and close associate of the Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister.ln the now famous “Altantuya” case he allegedly fathered her second child and she went to Malaysia to demand a large amount of money from him. Baginda had her murdered by 2 special services police who then blew her body to pieces. Her arrival records and hotel records were destroyed by Police. The 3 men are now before the court in Malaysia and Baginda has been linked to the plot since the discovery of hand written notes.
    Altantuya and her friend Marla a green eyed half Russian, half Mongolian girl were both well known prostitutes. Marla’s father is an artist and Altantuya married Madai the ego maniac singer from “Black Rose”, a narcissistic Hip Hop Band. Eddie Chua a Malaysian Journalist came to Mongolia last winter to stir up this case, he wrote letters to the editor in English language papers claiming to be an ordinary Malaysian citizen, and then proceeded to find out as much dirt as he could.