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Funeral on Friday

It is tragic loss for not only all of us here at the newsroom, but whole journalism industry of Mongolia. The UB Post planned this week's front page in memorial for our chief editor.
No happy new year, Christmas greetings will be published. And, no new year party will be celebrated.

In the days since last Sunday, thousands of messages poured into Mongol News Media Group, and some of those have found their way to signing in the Condolence Book at the downstairs of the office building, including representatives of foreign diplomatic missions, business community, politicians, and his friends.

Collection of flowers, and memorial candles were placed in front of his portrait at the main entrance to the office.

To those of you who sent us a message, the Mongol News says "Thank you." We are profoundly grateful for your kind thoughts and encouragement. One wish most commonly expressed is that Mongol News should work hard to continue his aims. His colleagues, and his press friends all over the country will continue to work for the single purpose of delivering fair, balanced, responsible journalism products to our readers. Thank you for your love and support.

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