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Mongolia-Stop Whaling!

Received an email from Fred O'Regan, CEO of International Fund for Animal Welfare ( He said

The International Whaling Commission (IWC) will soon be meeting to decide the future of whales. Japan continues to buy votes with foreign aid to influence the outcome of the next IWC in favor of increased whaling.

Japan is ignoring international whale sanctuaries, "buying" countries to support its position and trying to launch a return to full-scale commercial whaling. I will need your continuing support if we are to make a stand at the next IWC to ensure that whales remain protected. If Japan wins a majority of votes at the next IWC it will be a disaster for whales.
The other day, I got also an email from Amai. He noted that Mongolian journalists should send message by press to global audience that Mongolia's young generation is standing "all against their Government's stance on promoting commercial whaling". IWC meeting will be held in June in Chile.


  1. Is the last line journalism or activist propaganda. How about facts from both sides about whales and whaling and let people make up their own minds.

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