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Hundreds March on Sukhbaatar Square in Protest

Hundreds of people marched from the Cultural Center of Mongolian Trade Unions building, to the main square at around 2pm, in protest against authorities, which signaled the start of a "spring syndrome" for this year, according to local media.

Organizers of the demonstration called for a "congressional meeting" of all civil movements as a "court" to judge the authorities as "billionaires born from the state house". The initial meeting was held at the Cultural Center of the Mongolian Trade Unions. From there, protestors marched to the main square demanding resignation of Ts.Nyamdorj, Minister of Justice and Home Affairs, over recent shootings at the border guard units, and S.Lambaa, Minister of Health, over recent outbreak of umbilical diseases that claimed lives of four newborn babies. The protestors demanded the government to give reply before April 19.

All main access streets to Peace Avenue were temporarily blocked by traffic police during the demonstration. The peaceful demonstration was dispersed after their demands were heard for two hours.

On Wednesday, authorities of the Metropolitan Police Department met with O.Magnai, one of the activist leaders of the civil movements, to handover a memo not to push the demonstration into public disorder, and to organize it civilly, within a legal framework.

The office of the Metropolitan Police declared a higher state of preparedness before the  demonstration, in order to avoid any public disorder that may occur during the march.
On July 1, 2008, a demonstration protesting the results of the parliamentary elections turned into a violent riot at the main square, which later led to the death of four people, who were shot in the street
during the mass roundup by police. A four-day state of emergency was declared afterwards.

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