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Nuclear visit by Joe Biden?

Whether Mongolia bury nuclear waste within its territory is sensational centerpiece story both on local Mongolian newspapers and TV debates. Following is an article printed on UB Post English weekly titled "Mongolia to become nuclear waste site" based on recent several Japanese press articles.

In recent months, the press in Japan and the US has reported that Mongolia is negotiating with these countries to serve as a regional depository for spent nuclear fuel. The proposed plan would permit geographically constrained countries in the region, such as Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, to dispose of their spent fuel in the spacious Central Asian state.

When the story first broke in March, the Mongolian Foreign Ministry was quick to dismiss the notion that Mongolia would host Asia’s nuclear waste. The statement went on to declare that Mongolia’s constitution prohibits the “import of dangerous waste to Mongolian territory”. The truth of these reports is still unknown. However, the suggestion of burying spent nuclear fuel in Mongolia has risen again. The Mainichi Daily News, the English site of Japan’s Mainichi Newspapers recently reported that the Draft accord describes Mongolia as the home for spent nuclear fuel.

A draft Japanese-US-Mongolian agreement over the creation of a nuclear fuel production and spent fuel disposal cycle clearly refers to Mongolia as the destination of such fuel, according to its text, which was obtained by Kyodo News on July 18th.

Mongolian government keeps denying that they engaged in talks to host nuclear waste, but watch following audio of recent Carnegie International Nuclear Policy Conference held in the U.S..

US Government later released a statement on this that its government official does not mean so.

Now the US Vice President soon make a visit to Mongolia on August 22, a first of its kind after 67 years. he is scheduled to meet with Mongolian President and Prime Minister and head to Japan to continue his Asian trip. No any official said that the visit will touch the issue of Mongolia-US-Japan nuclear waste disposal talk of where, when and how. Of course, no one will. But would fear of nuclear waste be frustrate the visit? One journalist's Facebook voiced a support for a protest by a number of civilian movements be organized during the visit.

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