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Which one is real editorial content? Which one is PR? Mongolians too confused about Tavan Tolgoi

Over the course of last week, Mongolians are so much disrupted with paid TV propaganda contents about Tavan Tolgoi investment agreement. Hero Entertainment has been doing great jobs on series of portrayals about outstanding figures, but lately it is known widely as biased media producer, and paid content maker for the favors of special interest business and political groups.

Last week, several television channels have transmitted (paid propaganda) so-called "first part" of the Tavan Tolgoi mine deal, a message to the public that the deal is a win-win deal and it should go forward as drafted, and Parliament should approve as it is. But following day, the so-called "Part II" hailed outrage in social media. It was a totally opposite view to the deal, dividing Mongolians into twos. The deal is not beneficial to Mongolia, and even more threatening to the national security, and it should not be approved at Parliament. From a journalistic view, I think this case is a classic example of today's Mongolian media look: too much biased news, too much one-sided views, opinions, they can print or broadcast whatever is paid higher, whatever news and information for the favor of its owners. Today, general public of Mongolia is too confused when they watch TV, when they read newspapers. They even cannot differentiate which one is a real editorial content, and which one is paid advertisement, I mean propaganda contents. Here media content producers such as Hero Entertainment is playing largely on this tragedy. Watch this video.All are in Mongolian.

Part I

Part II

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