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For all your Mongolian media planning and buying needs, offers media planning and buying services that include most major print and online newspapers published in Mongolia. We have built strong relationships with most all media outlets of Mongolia. As an independent agency based in Ulaanbaatar, we provide: 
  • Consultative information about Mongolian media outlets
  • Handle insertion of advertising products
  • Translation & Design
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According to a 2012 report by The Press Institute of Mongolia, the countrywide there are 469 media organizations,126 of them are newspapers, 72 are radio stations, 149 are TV stations (16 of them are nationwide broadcasters) and 30 web sites. The Internet, established in 1995 in Mongolia, is not restricted by the government, but has yet to make a significant impact, with only 16% of the population having access to it as of 2012. In 2012 there were around 521,520 users and 20,084 Internet hosts. There has been steady online growth in online newspapers, magazines and advertising.

Major Mongolian language dailies

NameDescriptionDatesPagesColorFirst publishedOwnership
Unuudur (Today)Largest circulated daily newspaperMon-Sat (+ Sunday edition)Up to 32 pages every dayColor1996Private
Odriin Sonin (The Daily News)One of largest circulated daily newspapersMon-SatUp  to 24Color1999Private, successor to state-owned Ardyn Erkh (People's Rights)
(The Truth)
Oldest newspaper of MongoliaMon-Sat12Black and white1921Published by Mongolian People’s Party
Zuunii Medee
(Centennial News)
DailyMon-Sat16Color1991Private, successor to state owned Zasgyn Gazryn Medee (Government News)

English weeklies

NameDescriptionDatesPagesColorFirst publishedOwnership
The UB PostWidely read by expatriates and English speaking Mongolians and Western businessesMon, Wed, Fri12Color1996Private
The Mongol MessengerLargely favored by government officials and circulated in government offices and overseas embassiesMon, Thu8Color1991Published by the state-run Montsame news agency

Fashion/Entertainment magazines

NameDescriptionDatesPagesColorFirst publishedOwnership
Cosmopolitan MongolianMongolian language edition of CosmopolitanMonthly120Color2010Private
Playboy Mongolia Mongolian edition of Playboy magazineMonthly120Color2012Private

Major Bi-lingual monthly magazines

NameDescriptionDatesPagesColorFirst publishedOwnership
Mongolian Mining JournalMost popular mining industry magazine (Mongolian and English)Monthly100Color2008Private
Mongolian Economy Youngest economy magazine (Mongolian and English)Monthly100 (60% is Mongolian, 40% is English)Color2010Private

Classifieds newspapers

NameDescriptionDatesPagesColorFirst publishedOwnership
Shuurkhai Zar
Tue, Fri68Color1991Private
Zar Medee
Tue, Fri44Color1995Private